The Experience

When it comes to getting your business in front of customers, things could get overwhelming. I am here to ease that process by helping develop a clear plan for what will help your business get more business.

The Web Design Process

We’ll Start With A Chat

We’ll begin with a phone meeting where I learn about your story, your business, and what your goals are for your website. After our call, I will develop an outline for your website along with design ideas and imagery that match your unique brand.

Research &
Content Creation

Once we have the outline, I will help you write content or guide you on how to develop content that is informative and helpful. The goal is to grab your potential customers attention, inform them, and give them the confidence that they have found what they were searching for.

Design With You
In Mind

Once the content is ready, it is time for the fun part. I will design an eye catching website with a user friendly experience that informs your customer, keeping them clicking for more. Thus gaining their trust enough for them to contact you.

Final Touches
& Launch!

After the design is done, we will go over your website and make the final revisions. Your dream website is almost ready! After the final revisions I will run tests to make sure your website performs well and looks great on any device or browser. After that’s done, I launch your site for your future customers to discover!

The Branding Process

Gather Inspiration

We’ll begin with a phone meeting where I learn about your story, your business, and what your goals are for your Brand. After our call, I will develop a mood board for your brand along with fonts, color palettes, design ideas and imagery that match your unique brand.

Brand Development

Using the mood board and sketches as inspiration, I will create for you a digital proof as a starting point. From there, we will make 5 rounds of revisions until we have our final primary logo and its counter parts.

After we have your logo complete I will put together for you a brand style guide, making it easy for you and your future employees to keep your brand consistent when developing marketing materials in the future.

Additional Services

Social Media Design

Having a strong presence on social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter can be a huge asset in helping advertise your business. I will help create branded content that potential customers will “Like” and want to follow.


There are many forms of advertising. I say meet them where they are! Most people are on social media an average of 2.5 hours a day. Let’s get your business in front of your audience using a strategic ad to grab their attention.

Video Editing

Do you have video content but no time to edit it and add graphics to it? I have you covered! In today’s world, having video content is important. In your business, whether it is to entertain or educate your audience, having video content that is well-edited and has custom graphics is a big part of attracting business.

Printing Goods

Having a presence online is important, but so is having in-person marketing materials. I design business cards, brochures, signs, banners and more! I am also knowledgable in different printing options including apparel. 

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